Commercial & Corporate


Silk Legal provides bespoke corporate and commercial legal services for a range of business activities in the BVI.

  • Commercial & Corporate Transactions Advisory

    Commercial transactions are critical to every successful business. That’s why Silk Legal has an expert commercial advisory team ready to handle the terms and conditions, details and negotiations for any agreement that your business needs to make. In today’s tricky legal climate, flawless commercial transactions are key. Let our team of experienced lawyers assist you with transactions that encourage your commercial growth and minimize the possibility of future disputes or litigation. And, if disputes do arise, place your trust in Silk Legal to protect your assets and reach the best resolution possible for your company and its interests.

    Silk Legal offers a skilled commercial advisory service, successfully managing all manner of transactions. Let us advise you on the risks of each transaction as well as the potential profits. We place the utmost importance on having every detail in every commercial transaction secure and correct. Our expertise lies across a range of commercial interests and we can help to both structure and implement transactions that maximize growth and consolidation.

    The lawyers of Silk Legal are experts at advising foreign clients interested in commercial transactions in the BVI that need to secure transactions abroad. It is our mission to help every client that needs to conduct detailed commercial transactions to secure the growth and future of their business.

  • Company Searches
  • Regulatory Compliance

    No successful business can run without adhering to the law. Silk Legal takes a proactive approach to making sure that your firm stays compliant with all applicable regulations.

    With the reach of our clients’ business constantly increasing, there are higher chances of facing regulatory issues. The team at Silk Legal has extensive experience dealing with regulatory affairs to ensure that clients abide by the relevant regulations. We are aware of the risks involved if your company finds itself falling short on compliance, and will therefore take every measure to make sure to comply.

    It is of the utmost importance that you are up to date on all the latest regulatory developments and that you are receiving the best advice about compliance. Our regulatory practice features lawyers with years of experience guiding corporate entities in a variety of industries through challenges related to compliance.

    The BVI also has, at times, new businesses that are in an effective legal vacuum as there are no applicable laws or regulations to govern them. We have extensive experience in determining the grey areas and working with government departments and regulators in finding legal solutions for our clients to run their business.

  • Due Diligence

    Corporate due diligence is the cornerstone of any business that requires disclosure of material information. Silk Legal offers the service of complete due diligence to its clients, be it in the form of multi aspect corporate review or internal investigation on the state of a company.

    Due diligence being the prerequisite for secured financing, joint venturesmergers and acquisitions and investments, needs to be exercised with the highest standard of care. At Silk Legal, our seasoned team of lawyers set the highest benchmark in reviewing all aspects of a business, allowing a risk-free conduit for clients. Our legal team is highly experienced in conducting corporate due diligence on both macro and micro levels pertaining to contracts, syndicated deals, policies, joint-ventures, mergers and acquisitions, debt financing, equity management and all forms of direct and indirect finance.

    Typically for prospective collaborations, due diligence is carried out on financial, legal, labor, tax, environment and commercial position of target companies. Depending on the exact nature of the deal, the annual returns, growth strategies, market operations, court cases, existing third party contracts, local and international applicable laws, intellectual property, real and personal property, insurance and liability coverage, debt instrument review, employee benefits, etc. are usually the type of matters our team would analyze for clients.

    Our corporate due diligence is centered at protecting clients and insulating them from all forms of risks and liabilities both in business and legal fronts through in-depth analysis of the underlying documents, permits, legal status and other various information surrounding the prospective transaction.

    Essentially, our lawyers at Silk Legal combine knowledge, experiences and the sharpest legal acumen to ensure informed decision making on part of clients.

  • Drafting of Contracts

    With our years of experience in the practice, Silk Legal is well-positioned to help clients create contracts that account for all the necessary legal considerations to protect their rights and interests. In doing this, we not only help draft the details stipulated in the contracts, we also assist in negotiations with prospective business stakeholders, contract renewals, and other relevant activities.

    Some of the services we provide in this realm include shareholder agreements, supply chain contracts, technology licenses, and leases, among others.