Licenses & Permits


We provide licenses and permits for a range of trade activities in the British Virgin Islands, including fishing, trade and CITES.

  • Fishing Licenses

    If you want to fish in the British Virgin Islands, you need a license. There are three types of BVI fishing license: sport, pleasure and commercial. Fishing licenses may be annual or temporary (30 days).

    The following fishing activities are illegal:

    • Fishing from an unregistered vessel.
    • Spear fishing.
    • Scuba diving for the purpose of capturing or disturbing marine wildlife.
    • Fishing within the boundaries of any marine park.
    • Penalties for breaking fishing laws include equipment and vessel confiscation, and fines.

    Silk Legal can secure you a BVI fishing license with minimum hassle and cost.

  • Trade Licenses

    If you want to conduct commercial trade in the British Virgin Islands, you need a license. These are the following types of BVI trade licenses:

    • Agents – travelling agent, ticket agents, etc.
    • Commercial – the majority of businesses fall in this category
    • Entertainment – discotheque, nightclubs, amusement parks, etc.
    • Hotels, Restaurants, Bars, Guest Houses and Apartments;
    • Manufacturing – tiles, blocks, distillers of alcohol, etc.
    • Professionals  – accountants, lawyers, doctors, etc.
    • Trade – contractors, plumbers, electricians, etc.

    License periods are annual and fees vary between license types, as well as if you are a BVI citizen or a foreigner.

    Silk Legal can secure your BVI trade license with minimum hassle and cost.

  • CITES Applications

    The Convention of International Trade in Endangered Species and Wild Fauna and Flora permits only those with the appropriate license to trade protected animal and plant species in the British Virgin Islands. In the BVI, CITES is mostly relevant to the import and export of rare birds, sharks and rays. If you trade CITES-protected species without a license then you are engaging in poaching or smuggling, both of which carry severe penalties.

    Silk Legal can assist you with your CITES license application with minimum hassle and cost.